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About Us

Social networks have transformed how people communicate and connect with each other, yet it's undeniable that centralization, surveillance, and censorship have plagued the current social media landscape.

That's why there is a growing movement toward decentralization and Web3 Social protocols that aim to put users back in control.

The mission of Iggy Social is to enable DAOs and other web3 communities to easily set up their own Web3 Social app. Imagine Iggy Social as a sort of "Wordpress for Web3 Social."

With Iggy, you can customize your social space as you want without being limited by centralized control.

Iggy is an open-source initiative where anyone is welcome. If you'd like to contribute, reach out via GitHub Discussions or Discord.


Here are just some of the projects that we helped set up or where our technology is used.

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FLR Chat

Decentralized web3 social network on Flare.

Punk Domains

Modular web3 domain name protocol.


Social NFT launchpad on Base.

PoolTogether Names

.pool name extension for the PoolTogether community.


Send tokens to any web3 domain name instead of a long address.


A decentralized social network on the ZKFair rollup.

Base Dapps List

Curated list of already-live dApps on the Base blockchain.

Flare Domains

.flr domain name extension for the Flare community.

TKO Chat

A decentralized social network on the Taiko network.

zkSoul ID

Soulbound identity on zkSync.

zkSync Dapps List

Curated list of already-live dApps on the zkSync.

SGB Chat

Decentralized web3 social network on Songbird.

Giveth Names

.giveth domain name extension for the Giveth community.

Optimistic Domains

.op domain name extension for the Optimism community.

Songbird Info

Curated list of already-live dApps on the Songbird blockchain.

Scrolly Names

Scrolly Name Service for the Scrolly token & NFT community.

Revenue Distributor

Revenue distribution tool for web3 communities.


The first decentralized social network/chat on Mode Network.

BasePunk Chat

Web3 Social app for the BasePunk NFT Community.

Based Names

Web3 names and digital identity for the Based DAO community.


Social NFT marketplace where NFTs are always liquid.


The first NFT launchpad and marketplace on the Degen Chain.


.fantom domain name extension for the Fantom community.

Scrolly Hub

Web3 hub and chat for the Scrolly memecoin community.

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Our Services


Build a custom web3 social dapp for your community with personalized features such as DeFi, NFTs, DAO governance, and other integrations.


We help your community find multiple revenue streams for the treasury, while boosting engagement within your decentralized chat.


With our expertise, we can provide guidance on creating a roadmap to grow daily active users, ensuring the long-term sustainability of your dApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many crypto communities currently rely on centralized (web2) social networks such as Discord. However, this represents a single point of failure for them. To ensure the resilience of your community, you need to liberate yourselves from the dominance of web2 social platforms. Communication and social interactions should be treated with the same seriousness as we approach our finances.

Usernames are issued via the Punk Domains protocol. The platform uses Orbis, a web3 social protocol, and stores posts on Ceramic Network, a decentralized document database that leverages IPFS for secure and decentralized data storage.

Sure, Iggy can seamlessly integrate with various protocols like DeFi protocols (e.g. token swapping), delegating for governance, etc.

You can send a DM directly to Tekr on Telegram or Twitter. Or reach out to us via our Discord. We are happy to answer any of your questions.